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The program really helped me improve my range of skills and mechanics. Being able to work on individual skills before moving on to others. The drills also helped with muscle memory and strength. This program helped me achieve the goals I came with and exceed my own expectations. Motivation from the coach and other program members also created a welcoming environment.
I learned how to serve four different ways and block correctly. I also learned how important footwork and form is during game-play.

– Isabella Q, 10th Grade Athlete

I am so impressed with your coaching. I love it, great discipline, great focus on athletic fundamentals and technique. I love that Samantha is getting to train with you. I truly love that you demand focus and work and doing it the right way – not the pervasive ‘everyone gets a medal just for showing up’ mode that has taken over youth sports. Kids need to be taught that hard work and discipline will pay off more than just participating. As an avid athlete I see how effectively you were able to introduce sound technique, fundamentals, and the ‘thinking side’ of the sport in terms of knowing your court position, where your teammates are, and why the player should be doing certain things and I was like ‘Wow – where have educators like that been for so many years.’ I am really happy that Samantha is getting to work with you. She will benefit in so many ways and it will be great to see how volleyball fits into her life.

– Andrew K, Parent

HOTVolleyball teaches you everything you need to know about volleyball and what it means to be part of a team. It is really fun being in a class with girls who love volleyball as much as you do. Traci pushes you to be your best and to be hard working, determined and strong. Traci is a great teacher and I am proud to call her my volleyball coach. It has been amazing to be in her class and she has made me a great player. Thank you Traci!

– Veda S. 7th Grade Athlete

Excellent training program for any level of volleyball! My daughters have improved greatly in the HOT program. The coach is knowledgeable and able to teach clearly and efficiently. Highly recommend this program!

– Laurie B, Parent

I really enjoyed my time at camp and learned so much about volleyball that I had no clue about before. I had played volleyball on my school team for several years but we had never worked on the real mechanics and actual reasoning behind the skills. I feel I improved greatly at skills like serving, blocking, hitting and other things that I had some knowledge of before but was by no means an expert at. Overall I had a great experience and feel that I am now much more prepared to play volleyball in high school.

– Isabelle E., 9th Grade Athlete

Grace was offered a spot on the Allstars national team after the first tryout! Grace has improved so much over the past year and we attribute that to your coaching! She really loves you! I think she is going to grow as a player and have a great experience on all-stars. Thanks again for everything!

– Amy A, Parent

This program truly helped me improve. I was able to learn all positions – even the ones I am not use to and I am now a more well rounded player. Traci is an amazing coach that really challenged me to reach my full potential and then exceed it.

– Adela T., 10th Grade Athlete

Thank you again for all the time and effort that you poured into our girls! They would not have made club teams apart from your work with them. And because of that, they both love the game of volleyball. We are grateful for you and will continue to send people your way! Many, many thanks!

– Laurie B, Parent

I have gotten better this week even though lots of the information was a review for me.
I have worked with Traci this whole year and I really believe she has made me a much better volleyball player as well as a better person because of her attitude. Over the year, and this week during camp, I feel like everything has gotten better and learned how to properly block. I really look forward to working with Traci again in the future.

-Rylee L. 9th Grade Athlete

Dahlia really loves your classes and it is because of you that her game has improved so dramatically. You have empowered her to be a stronger and more confident athlete and I thank you so much for that – you are a great teacher!!! All the best and see you for the August camp.

– Amalie C, Parent

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