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About Hot Volleyball NYC

Traci Edwards

Head Coach

Our volleyball training program is lead and directed by Coach Traci.

Coach Traci was the Head Varsity Coach at Marymount High School for 5 years where she led her team to the State Semi-Finals 3 years in a row.

She has been coaching the Volleyball Juniors Program for 13 years in Traveling teams, intramurals and the development programs for all levels.

Coach Traci created and developed the volleyball program at Rodeph Sholom Middle School where she coached for 4 years. She also was the Head Middle School Coach at Marymount for 5 years.

Traci received a scholarship for Division I volleyball at Nichols State University and was named All Louisiana in her first 2 years.

Traci transferred to Southwest Texas State University on scholarship and went on to win the Southland Conference and play in the big tournament. In High School, Traci achieved Varsity level as a Freshman and went on to the State Finals all four years.

Why Volleyball?. . .

My whole life I’ve been active in every sport possible. I grew up in Texas and that was what is pretty much expected of you no matter who you are. My dad was a top Division I Linebacker at University of Texas and taught me how to build strength and how to condition growing up.

I started learning and playing volleyball in my middle school when everyone was encouraged to try all sports and I had a terrible time learning all the skills at first. Volleyball is a very difficult sport to learn because all of the skills are unique and not necessarily natural movements to accomplish.

I fell in love with the sport immediately because of how demanding, how difficult and how skillfully strategic it is. This sport is very challenging and I always felt like that I had more and more to learn and accomplish every time I stepped on the court.


“Someone is working harder out there – it is up to you to be that someone”

“I want girls to leave knowing all the skills, how to move their body, how to incorporate their skills into team play and team concepts together, and everyone plays every position. Teach them to be a leader, how to move on and off the court and learn the why to everything.”
“We have a goal bigger than just playing volleyball. Teach the students discipline, self control, humility, encouragement, dealing with authority, decision making, learning that winning isn’t everything and losing is only a lesson.”
Lessons will be learn from from on and off the court
Specialize in teaching you about the game of volleyball and what all it involves. We go over all of the skill sets like passing, setting, hitting and serving with individualized attention. We evaluate the athlete and work on her weaknesses to make them stronger; prepare the athletes for game like situations
Aid in building confidence and self respect
Repetition is the name of the game; individualized attention to detail for each specific athlete due to the size of the group. This is where athletes can work on their weaknesses or anything that needs improvement, stay conditioned and skill ready for the upcoming season. Students receive 100% undivided attention to work only on her weaknesses or anything that needs improvement
We specialize in building strength, conditioning, skills and athleticism on an individual basis. We work on the individual needs of the volleyball player in order to make them a better athlete.
HOT Volleyball is an excellent volleyball program for young athletes to further their skills, knowledge and love for volleyball (whether during or off season). This program is open to all athletes from grades 3 to 12 whether beginner, intermediate or expert to the sport. During each season, we have classes to assess different skill levels to better prepare athletes before competitive play and when they feel confident in their skills, we have a session that ties everything together and gets the student to play on an actual volleyball team within the program called “Intramural”.
Things we encourage and teach the athletes:

  • Find and surface the drive and confidence to push through all kinds of obstacles and overcome & learn from them
  • Create a positive outlook and mentality on life
  • Hard work pays off
  • Be humble to learning all the time
  • Set an positive example for those around you
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Help other achieve more than they are capable of
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