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Our summer class registrations are now open in different locations.


We are a skill based development program and focus on the development of the individual not the team from grdes Pre-K – 12. We help all athletes (co-ed) make their teams by introducing & teaching fundamentals, fine-tuning or re-training them on skills, teaching knowledge of the sport & team concepts. We use Intramurals to incoporate all of their training into play under a development platform. Teams don’t have time to teach all the skills because their focus is putting a team together.

Most importantly, we teach the value of effort, attitude, responsibility, working with others, self-discipline & personal motivation.

Which Program Should I Choose?

Not sure which class you should take? We’ve got you covered. Click below for the class that fits your training needs and goals.

HOT NYC Programs

If you are new to volleyball, not confident in your skills or have played for less than 6 months. This program is for you.

No prior experience is necessary.

If you have played more than 6 months but still aren’t confident in your skills or need to better your skills, then this program is for you. This is the next level after “Intro to Volleyball” to further develop your volleyball skills.

No prior experience is necessary.

Need to work on specific skills in volleyball? This is a great addition to any HOT program. You can do one or multiple clinics. This clinic is designed to isolate and focus solely on training specific volleyball skills.

No prior experience is necessary.

If you are new to volleyball, not confident in your skills or need to better your skills. This program is for you. (Boys Only)

No prior experience is necessary.

Once you have an understanding of the different volleyball skills, you can join League Development Play. This program puts your skills in motion by teaching you various team concepts, movements and strategies.

Prior knowledge of skills is recommended.

Now you’re ready to be on a team and play more. Teams of 6 to 8 players and a dedicated coach commit to 1 weekday practice, weekly games and tournaments. 

Prior knowledge of skills is necessary.

Adults Skills and Play is a development program for athletes wanting to learn, improve, or perfect skills & team concepts. This is also a great program to keep your skills sharp or find your rhythm with skills training & start implementing your skills into game situations. This program contains involved play & knowledge of the game & position knowledge.

No prior experience is necessary.

If you need to fine tune your skills, learn a new position/rotation, or learn with a small group of friends, this specialized lesson can be tailored for you. 

No prior experience is necessary

Small Group Intensive is is similar to a Small Group Private and consists of ONLY 8 athletes working on ALL Skills in very small setting and pushing themselves.

No experience is necessary

Programs NOW available in New Jersey. Develop skills, fine tune skills, learn team concepts and put skills into play.  (Youth / Adults)

No prior experience is necessary

Programs NOW available in Westchester. Develop skills, fine tune skills, learn team concepts and put skills into play.  (Youth / Adults)

No prior experience is necessary

HOT Progression


Here are the places where hold our classes regularly? In the area? Let us know!


We value the health and safety of our students above everything else. Click the link to learn more about our Covid-19 Safety Protocols.



OMG my team made the gold bracket at the Capitol Hill Classic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being on a club volleyball team, and I wanted to send you a thank you email for teaching me a solid volleyball foundation prior to my club training. I’m so grateful for your expertise on the sport, and I’m so excited to work together over the summer!

– Abby


I have been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for giving Daniela such a wonderful intro to volleyball earlier this year.  As you know, school was offering nothing in terms of sports and she really wanted to try volleyball.  Now, she has started 6th grade at Marymount and is playing volleyball at school and absolutely loves it.  She feels confident and is having fun.  No way it would be this easy if she hadn’t done HOT volleyball with you and the other coaches.  So, thank you.  She would pick up another class if she weren’t so incredibly overscheduled right now, but we look forward to doing clinics/camps when you offer them. 

– Isabella


Even though Skye doesn’t play volleyball competitively anymore, I want to thank you for working with her for so many years, teaching the team not just volleyball skills, but how to be a good team player, to mature as a person and to meet challenges.  She learned and grew so much personally during that phase – thanks again and best of luck to you.

– Vivian


“All the girls had wonderful feedback and were so impressed with Sir Juan. There is no one quite like you…You help so many girls with confidence and character. In the world we live in that is so needed. You are really making the world better through your efforts and the example you are.”


“Thank you for putting together adult volleyball. It’s been a lifesaver and a dream of mine is coming true. I’ve always wanted to play this game and learn it. I’m finally getting a chance, thanks to you.”


“You are teaching these girls far more than volleyball.”


“She loved the game. She was so proud to be the example…She is very motivated and loves your coaching. She said, ‘I am glad to be back with Coach Traci! I missed her pushing me to be awesome!’ For this, I thank you!”


“Lily is off to a killer season, thanks to you. She’s starting and playing very well so far. Her serve is really her best weapon, but her hits are consistent now, and she’s starting to play with much more confidence.”


“HOT really improved my technique and taught me all the skills that my previous training didn’t. I definitely think my control over the ball is a lot better now and also my knowledge on transitions, etc. Overall, HOT was very helpful and I look forward to coming back.”


“I really liked the supportive atmosphere. I love Coach Traci’s passion and love for the game. HOT Volleyball is unlike any other program in NYC because the environment is so supportive and open. I reached my goal of becoming a more well-rounded player.”

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