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2022 Winter / Spring Volleyball Programs
HOT Intramurals (HOT-i) (Grades 6th – 12th)
Introduction to Volleyball (Grades Pre K – 12th)
INDOOR Mondays    (215 East 94th Street)   Jan 10 – Mar 14 REGISTER
INDOOR Tuesdays     (980 Park Ave)   Jan 4 – Mar 15 REGISTER
INDOOR Thursdays     (980 Park Ave)     Jan 6 – Mar 17 REGISTER
Skills Development Programs (grades Pre-K – 12th)
INDOOR Saturdays    (215 East 94th Street)    Jan 8 – Mar 12 REGISTER
INDOOR Sundays    (215 East 94th Street)    Dec 5 – Mar 13 REGISTER
INDOOR Tuesdays    (215 East 94th Street)    Jan 11 – Mar 5 REGISTER
Boys / Young Men Skills & Play (Grades 6th – 12th)
INDOOR Mondays       (980 Park Ave)     Nov 29 – March 14 REGISTER
INDOOR Saturdays     (215 East 94th Street)    Jan 8 – Mar 5 REGISTER
Adult Skills & Play (18+)
INDOOR Tuesdays & Thursdays    (980 Park Ave)     Jan 4 – Mar 17 REGISTER
Development LEAGUE Play (grades Pre-K – 12th)
INDOOR Fridays      (980 Park Ave)    Dec 3 – Mar 11
Sundays    (980 Park Ave)    Dec 5 – Mar 6



The HOT Volleyball Performance Program is specifically designed to allow all athletes in grades Pre-K through 12th an opportunity to learn all the fundamentals of volleyball, including mechanics; skills development; the proper methods of volleyball conditioning; and the value of effort, attitude, responsibility, working with others, self-discipline & personal motivation.

We work to increase our student’s volleyball skill set and overall athletic performance, by improving the student’s individual abilities and allowing them to reach the next level of performance.

Our programs are designed to help improve athletic body awareness and prevent injury by increasing overall body stability, strength and power through proper physical conditioning.

We look forward to working with your athlete and taking them to the NEXT LEVEL in Volleyball.

It takes hard work and dedication and the athletes signing up have to have it. Our classes fill quickly, so don’t wait to register.

Our Programs are not team oriented; we specialize in building strength, conditioning, skills and athleticism on an individual basis. We work on the individual needs of the volleyball player in order to make them a better athlete while also introducing them to team play concepts.