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Volleyball Skills Development Programs

Our volleyball programs are not team oriented; we specialize in building skills and athleticism on an individual basis. We work on the individual needs of the volleyball player in order to make her a better athlete.

Our entire program is focused on skills and mechanically breaking them down so the athlete can achieve control of themselves and the ball. Getting and being in shape is the athlete’s responsibility. Students will get a workout – but our goal is to teach proper mechanics, how to implement each skill, and building on those skills so the athlete can reach the next level. We expect 100% effort and attention, a positive attitude, hard work and complete focus by the athlete.

Although our focus is on individual skills, we do teach the individual everything they need to make a team, play on a team, and become a starter on a team.
Come ready to learn and grow!

Stage I:

• Stability – proper jumping and landing techniques
• Passing & Spiking Skills

Stage II:

• Strength – increase mobile function
• Blocking & Serving Skills

Stage III:

• Power – increase explosiveness
• Agility – improve speed and quicker footwork
• Spiking, Serving, Blocking & Passing Skills
• Team Concepts & Strategy


The Skills Clinics focuses on 1 skill per clinic for the whole hour. Coach Traci teaches the skill, and we work different mechanics in it to help the athlete have more control over the ball and increase their skill level as well as concepts with the skill – but no team play. Skills Clinics are primarily focused on learning a skill never done before or fine tuning the skill they already know. The complete list is below and you don’t have to do all of them. You pick what you would like to do and they are $50 per session.

The Training Programs run for a certain number of sessions and the athlete will go over every skill, better the athlete’s understanding of the mechanics of each skill & learn it from the beginning or fine tune the skill to be in better control, learn team concepts with skills & strategy and increase skill level and increase the athlete’s experience in team play.

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